Successful environmental pedagogy in faith-based schools has not been well explored even while most Christian schools in Canada are governed by provincial curricula and provincial teacher standards that require commitments to environmentalism. Conflicts within mainline Christianity in regards to the importance of environmental justice may be why some Christian schools do not engage in environmental pedagogy (Mann & Schleifer, 2020). This study draws on data from one Christian school in the province of Ontario, Canada. The methodology used is case study approached through an Appreciative Inquiry lens – a methodology that is particularly useful in school-based research (Stavros, et al. 2008). Practices used in this school include full school and community participation as well as strong, visionary leadership concerning ‘creation care’.

Recommended Citation

Jule, A., & Castellon, A. R. (2020). The Grace to Grow Deeper: A Case Study of Environmentalism in a Canadian Christian School. International Christian Community of Teacher Educators Journal, 15(2). Retrieved from