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I heard a compelling lecture recently and thought I would share the recording:

The leadership wisdom shared by two humble and accomplished leaders is a gift – practical, authentic, and inspiring – not only for healthcare and educational leaders but leaders from any sector. I assure you it is worth your time!

The speakers are Fiona Dalton, President and CEO of Providence Health Care and Michael Higgins, President of Corpus of Christi, and St. Mark’s College at UBC.

The interdisciplinary, scholarly, and personal references really resonated with me and I noted a couple of particularly inspiring quotes related to leadership and spirituality:

  • The tender is the holy.
  • Presence is curative and solace, a conduit to the sacred.”
  • Encounters with suffering have the ability to transform us.”
  • Notions of subsidiarity are key in order to deal effectively with all the to dos.”
  • We miss our roles as leaders if we’re just doing our everyday. We need to bring hope and compassion to others as well.
  • There is something inherent in our aching for the transcendent. Spirituality holds our life together and needs to be nurtured.”