On Feb. 3 I had the pleasure of a conversation with Lili Sha, Emmanuel Denguessi, and Stacy Sowerby who are proud alum of TWU MALead and leaders in the community.
In this conversation, they generously share insights and words of wisdom related to spiritual, physical, and academic well-being.  Please take 27 min. to be encouraged and inspired during this time of challenge.

Meeting Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/ORSmR26GGnu6RS3nbCK6rSuSS-DPrg_HUClM6__dD1fR5cxhp5Eej_UyLAO7Sb4.ONOX1Eakg8Gw-ZvW

This is the second of three Thriving in Challenging Times leadership conversations meant to bring hope, practical advice, and insights amidst the challenges we are all experiencing. The next conversation will be with GLOBAL engagement and pastoral ministry. You can look forward to seeing it in your inbox mid-Feb.!