panoramic view of aurora borealis over road in subpolar conifer forest in wnter
Photo by Kourtney Gundersen on

When I’m going through a challenging time I can evoke the experience I’m going to describe and find deep peace and transcendence. 

Back in 2014, I went to the Northwest Territories with my then-teenaged daughter to visit a friend. One night, we had already gone to our room for the night and our friend banged on the door saying ‘you gotta come out here’.   At first, I thought there was something was wrong but he said, excitedly, ‘come and see – it’s amazing’.  So, we quickly got all our outerwear on again to enter the -35 degree night. We went to an open area away from lights so we could really see.

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (rivaling meeting my daughter for the first time when she was born).  The colours of the Aurora Borealis were intense and the sky danced.  The icy cold air was freezing my face, I got goose bumps not from the cold, and when I teared up, overcome by emotion, my eyelashes actually froze together!  I was humbled and encountered awe and wonder in a very tangible way that affected my whole being.  For me, this was an experience of the majesty of God. Words cannot adequately express the impact of this experience of transcendence and I’ll cherish it always. 

What past experiences can you bring to mind during challenging times to bring you wholeness and peace?