Highly self-aware leaders have developed their sense of purpose, they act from their internal centre, consciously expressing their core values. They ‘walk the talk’ and understand their strengths and challenges. Leadership self-awareness is a constant inquiry into ourselves and others’ experiences. 

Consider how you react when you or your ideas are criticized, when a colleague is recognized for accomplishing more than you,  or how you judge others for their weaknesses.  What are you noticing? 

If you want to be more composed under pressure, able to balance multiple demands, more open to feedback, less judgmental, admit mistakes and accept yourself and others for the idiosyncrasies, work at being

more composed under pressure,  
able to balance multiple demands,  
more open to feedback,  
less judgmental,  
admit mistakes and accept yourself and other for the idiosyncrasies 

Self-awareness helps a leader ‘walk their talk’ and be their best selves.  Leadership requires us to understand what is going on for ourselves and describe ourselves to others in a way that keeps them in the conversation.