New growth above Lower Grange
New growth above Lower Grange by Robin Stott is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

When you help others reach their potential you are demonstrating strong relational skills in terms of individual and team development. By providing a supportive climate, you inspire others to strive and improve.  You have strong communication and interpersonal abilities. You establish collaboration, cooperation, and mutually rewarding relationships. You are capable of confronting and challenging others in a way that makes the issue, not the person, the focus of the challenge.

We may have the best intentions, but sometimes our impact doesn’t match our intentions. Are you comfortable being vulnerable? How much do you prioritize understanding others’ challenges, perspectives, values, cultural understandings, background? How much do you use your leadership to help others reach their potential?  How effective is your communication?  How effective is the way you challenge or confront people in terms of goals and accountability?

If you want to enhance your leadership in terms of communicating, building rapport and trust, helping people learn and fostering team dialogue and collaboration:

  • Build rapport and trust
  • Motivate authentically
  • Help people learn, improve and change
  • Foster team dialogue and collaboration
  • Communicate clearly
  • Address issues directly
  • Agree to disagree respectfully