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Web of relationships and impact on values

  We are who we are partly because of who we associate with.  Perhaps you remember your parents cautioning you to choose your friends wisely. Perhaps you are a parent who understands this and has given similar advice to your own children.  Even the contemporary business literature recommends that as adults we are aware of..

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How to foster personal and professional dispositions of peace as a leader

  “…ongoing awareness practice, ongoing commitment to sustainability and people and ongoing engagement with the possible/potential”. As peace leaders we are meant to confront the reality of ordinary life by inquiring and seeking to understand what lies beyond ourselves in a spiritual quest for wisdom.  This better equips us to engage daily challenges and inform..

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How to Indigenize the Curriculum

On its website the Justice Institute recommends the following 10 ways to indigenize the curriculum: Acknowledge the local First Nations traditional territory Use experiential, and lifelong learning approaches Work with Elders and infuse culture into curriculum Visit Indigenous communities for field trips, events, and feasts Use the oral tradition, telling stories, with guest speakers such..

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