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What do popcorn and ethical leaders have in common?

popcorn in ceramic bowl

Each of us sees the world through a value structure whether we formally acknowledge it or not.  This is true – if you recall when you were in school you learned about stories and discussed the meaning and value of the message – narrative analysis based on good and bad.  There was a good character,..

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Beyond Epsom Salts: Evoking awe and wonder to get through

When I’m going through a challenging time I can evoke the experience I’m going to describe and find deep peace and transcendence.  Back in 2014, I went to the Northwest Territories with my then-teenaged daughter to visit a friend. One night, we had already gone to our room for the night and our friend banged..

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Power has no Gender

Power has no gender. Yet, we are so conditioned to associate leadership with masculine traits. Check your unconscious bias. Avoid diminishing yourself and your capabilities – it serves no one and there’s nothing holy in it! Avoid comparing your weakness to other people’s strengths. Do not be afraid! Never discount the cost of inaction. Own..

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Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

#Leadership #womeninleadership #STOPASIANHATE #innovation #socialenterprise We are coming to the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the coverage chronicling xenophobia and anti-Asian racism in Canada. This is important to be aware of and to fight against.  It’s also important to recognize and celebrate the resilience of Asian people…

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