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Indigenization Through Story

https://www.dropbox.com/s/n13o63cb7wnlkrt/Indigenization%20Through%20Story.mp4?dl=0 Click on the link above to listen and view a recent presentation I gave with friend and colleague Diane Jubinville, District Vice-Principal of Indigenous Education in the Delta school district. The conference was for educators from the Heritage Christian Online School –  RenewED Conference August 27, 2019 in Kelowna

Teaching Team Leadership: Knowing and Being

“Helping students know something is not at all the same thing as helping students be something” (Frye, Taylor & Stafford, 2017) When I read this statement recently it challenged me as a professor of graduate studies.  I aim to create self awareness that leads to personal and professional transformation through the discipline of leadership studies…

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New Professional Standard for BC Educators

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/kindergarten-to-grade-12/teach/teacher-regulation/standards-for-educators/edu_standards.pdf There is a new Professional Standard for BC Educators (linked above).  Standard 9 honours the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I am personally pleased to see the aspirational and expectant message this new standard communicates.  To be sure, all Canadians are called..

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A Call to Personal Research: Indigenizing Your Curriculum

It has come to my attention that this article which appeared in the Canadian Journal for Teacher Research:  “A call to personal research: Indigenizing your curriculum” (2017, v.5.28) is no longer online. So I’m reposting it here at the request of a university librarian from Queens who informed me it is used in their graduate courses…

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Indigenous Spirituality and Christianity

Today, with my friend and colleague, the District Principal for Aboriginal Education in Delta,  I had the opportunity to work with a group of thirty teachers who teach in a Christian Independent school in British Columbia. In addition to teaching about the timeline of history through an experiential ‘beaded timeline’ and working with Indigenous ways..

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Classroom and home-based strategies to prevent gender bias

Gardner (2006) has identified several factors that aid in mind changing.  One of these factors relates to the affective component of the idea to be learned and alludes to the way that something is taught and may be strategically leveraged in the educator-student and parent-child relationship.   Teacher educators and caregivers need to be intentional..

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Education in the United Kingdom compared to Canada

I recently asked my graduate students to compare Canada’s education system with that of another country using data from the latest OECD report.   Erica Fisher, an  elementary teacher from the  Toronto District School Board decided to compare education in the UK with that in Canada.  The results may surprise you.  I reprint her synthesis and..

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How we teach matters

How we teach matters   I attended an educational conference session recently which really resonated with me. Dr. David Smith from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan gave me language to explain the ‘why’ behind what I do what I do.   I found his session both informative and motivating and will attempt to synthesize my ‘take..

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