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What leaders can learn from Vanier and Day’s philosophies

As founders of internationally  recognized communities (L’Arche and The Catholic Worker), Vanier and Day teach leaders how to build community by valuing the human person no matter their background or beliefs, abilities or disabilities, wealth, prestige, poverty or insignificance. Both leaders see unity and the possibility of integration in a pluralistic world.  We might readily..

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Spotlight on Peace Leaders: Jean Vanier and Dorothy Day

Canadian philosopher and humanitarian Jean Vanier (1928-) is the founder of 149 L’Arche homes in 38 countries around the world.[i] In these homes people with intellectual disabilities (the residents) live and work side by side with the nondisabled (their assistants) as peers in “mutually transformative relationships.” Jean Vanier emphasizes the great discovery of his life,..

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How to Indigenize the Curriculum

On its website the Justice Institute recommends the following 10 ways to indigenize the curriculum: Acknowledge the local First Nations traditional territory Use experiential, and lifelong learning approaches Work with Elders and infuse culture into curriculum Visit Indigenous communities for field trips, events, and feasts Use the oral tradition, telling stories, with guest speakers such..

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