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“Don’t be afraid to speak”

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“Don’t be afraid to speak, be afraid what will happen to the whole truth if you don’t” (Joan Chittister, in On Women edited by Sanchez-Small, Leathley, Kownacki, 2020). Have you ever wondered if you should say something about what you’re thinking, how you’re reacting to an event, a process, a policy, or feeling uncomfortable or..

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Collaborating for Gender Equity in Christian Education

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I would like to share with you a recently published article that Masters of Educational Leadership graduate student, Stacy Sowerby and I joyfully collaborated on.  You’ll find a link and abstract below.  Enjoy!   https://digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/icctej/vol15/iss1/5/ Collaborating for Gender Equity in Christian Education Stacy Sowerby, Maple Ridge Christian SchoolFollow Adrienne..

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Classroom and home-based strategies to prevent gender bias

Gardner (2006) has identified several factors that aid in mind changing.  One of these factors relates to the affective component of the idea to be learned and alludes to the way that something is taught and may be strategically leveraged in the educator-student and parent-child relationship.   Teacher educators and caregivers need to be intentional..

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How to foster personal and professional dispositions of peace as a leader

  “…ongoing awareness practice, ongoing commitment to sustainability and people and ongoing engagement with the possible/potential”. As peace leaders we are meant to confront the reality of ordinary life by inquiring and seeking to understand what lies beyond ourselves in a spiritual quest for wisdom.  This better equips us to engage daily challenges and inform..

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Dispositions and skills to develop as a leader

Be faithful to people “Pressed to identify his own strengths, Jean Vanier referred to his faithfulness to people, the fact that once he had entered into real personal contact with someone it was rarely something he broke”.[i] When we walk alongside people, get to know them in their strengths and weaknesses, joys and sufferings they..

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Power at work in Adult Education

Teachers have power!  Students have power!  The dynamic interplay between these in a learning environment can create a positive, safe and authentic experience, or one wrought with tension, confusion and ‘second guessing’.  Part of preparing to be an adult educator is being aware of your power as well as the power among students, and between students and..

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