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Trixie Ling with Flavours of Hope vendors in Vancouver.
Trixie Ling with Flavours of Hope vendors in Vancouver. Photograph: Rachel Pick/Guardian

We are coming to the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the coverage chronicling xenophobia and anti-Asian racism in Canada. This is important to be aware of and to fight against.  It’s also important to recognize and celebrate the resilience of Asian people. In this post, I want to recognize the leadership of Trixie Ling of Flavours of Hope in Vancouver, BC.  https://www.flavoursofhope.com/about

As described on the website, Trixie “is passionate about creating intercultural spaces and opportunities to learn together, break down barriers, and build bridges between cultures through food, stories, and friendships”.  I know Trixie from serving on the board of Citizens for Public Justice together and have come to know her as an intelligent, determined, generous and engaged leader.  She knows that celebrating our humanity and diverse cultures through preparing and sharing a meal together is an authentic way to build understanding and create community.  

Trixie Ling has a Master in Public Policy, is an innovative socialpreneur and founded this non-profit in 2018 to serve refugee women and build community. Check out the website for more information and to support her vision.

We can all be allies to advance racial justice.

What does allyship look like to you? 

How do you celebrate your culture and all cultures?