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Compassionate and Imaginative Leadership

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I heard a compelling lecture recently and thought I would share the recording:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecJ9osjJvvs&feature=youtu.be The leadership wisdom shared by two humble and accomplished leaders is a gift – practical, authentic, and inspiring – not only for healthcare and educational leaders but leaders from any sector. I assure you it is worth your time! The speakers are..

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Thriving in Challenging Times

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On Fri. Jan. 15th I had the pleasure of a conversation with Rev. James Ellis, Michele Regehr, and Dave Stinson who each play a significant role in the TWU community.  In this conversation, they generously share insights and words of wisdom related to spiritual, physical, and academic well-being.  Please take 25 min. to be encouraged..

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Pushing the Edges of Spiritual Worldviews to Enhance Women’s Leadership Advancement

You can download the session recording here: https://vimeo.com/user125223587/download/482123488/787146233a This talk was recorded November 7, 2020 at Leading at the Edge, the 22nd International Leadership Association (www.ILA-net.org) global conference, which took place virtually. I was pleased to be the commentator and synthesizer once the panelists had presented. Egan, C. (Chair). (2020, November 7). Pushing the Edges of Spiritual Worldviews..

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Successful environmental pedagogy in faith-based schools has not been well explored even while most Christian schools in Canada are governed by provincial curricula and provincial teacher standards that require commitments to environmentalism. Conflicts within mainline Christianity in regards to the importance of environmental justice may be why some Christian schools do not engage in environmental..

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We are like Cranberries

This weekend I took a lovely late afternoon walk near the cranberry fields along the Nathan Creek Dike trail in Glen Valley, just outside of Fort Langley. Fall is cranberry harvest time and it reminded me of our work as Christian educators and leaders in various sectors.  All people dedicated to the common call to..

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What makes a good team?

What makes a good team player?  According to respected and very successful leadership expert, Patrick Lencioni, author of The Ideal Team Player, members who are humble, hungry (driven for results) and people smart. A person, to be a good team player needs to be able to: admit mistakes have a sense of urgency or passion..

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Gender Equity in the Trades

This post is a paper by Rachel Wegner, student in my MCOM 473 class: Women, Communication and Leadership at TWU; posted with permission. Introduction             A close friend of mine worked for a commercial construction and landscaping company for the summer before she started university. She was usually the only woman on the job site..

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“Don’t be afraid to speak”

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“Don’t be afraid to speak, be afraid what will happen to the whole truth if you don’t” (Joan Chittister, in On Women edited by Sanchez-Small, Leathley, Kownacki, 2020). Have you ever wondered if you should say something about what you’re thinking, how you’re reacting to an event, a process, a policy, or feeling uncomfortable or..

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