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All Our Relations

“In Canada, half of all First Nations children live in poverty, the life expectancy of First Nations people is five to seven years less than that of other Canadians, and the practice of placing Indigenous children in foster care remains a significant issue.  Secondary school graduation rates for First Nations youth living on reserve are..

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Jan 30 is the 71st anniversary of the death of a great peace leader – Mohandas Gandhi

Gandhi was born Oct. 2 1869 and died (he was shot) Jan. 30 1948 at the age of 79. May 1893 Mohandas Gandhi was thrown off a South African train, motivating him to fight for Indian rights in the British colony.  He is often described as the spiritual and political leader of India. His list..

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Using the creative arts in teaching

Brookfield addresses teaching using the creative arts. As someone interested in adult education and reading this rather academic blog,  I’ll venture that you can relate to the idea of ‘living in your head’. Think about ways to incorporate other expressions beyond the linguistic into your life. “What art offers us is a chance of breaking..

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