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How does your personal narrative reflect your leadership?

I’ve been blessed with faith since the cradle, a supportive family and faith community, and a productive, service-oriented career in mostly faith-based environments. I’ve also experienced my share of hardship – an unhappy marriage riddled with emotional abuse, a messy divorce and workplace challenges. These have all made my leadership more compassionate and empathetic and..

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Thriving in Challenging Times

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On Fri. Jan. 15th I had the pleasure of a conversation with Rev. James Ellis, Michele Regehr, and Dave Stinson who each play a significant role in the TWU community.  In this conversation, they generously share insights and words of wisdom related to spiritual, physical, and academic well-being.  Please take 25 min. to be encouraged..

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We are like Cranberries

This weekend I took a lovely late afternoon walk near the cranberry fields along the Nathan Creek Dike trail in Glen Valley, just outside of Fort Langley. Fall is cranberry harvest time and it reminded me of our work as Christian educators and leaders in various sectors.  All people dedicated to the common call to..

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Ethical Leadership

What is ethics? The word derives from the Greek word ethos, meaning ‘custom’, ‘usage’ or ‘character’. Standard definitions of ethics have typically included such phrases as ‘the science of the ideal human character’ or ‘the science of moral principle, integrity, duty’. And moral, derived from the Latin mos, moris ‘manner’, ‘custom’, ‘habit’, ‘way of life’,..

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