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Developing others

When you help others reach their potential you are demonstrating strong relational skills in terms of individual and team development. By providing a supportive climate, you inspire others to strive and improve.  You have strong communication and interpersonal abilities. You establish collaboration, cooperation, and mutually rewarding relationships. You are capable of confronting and challenging others..

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Highly self-aware leaders have developed their sense of purpose, they act from their internal centre, consciously expressing their core values. They ‘walk the talk’ and understand their strengths and challenges. Leadership self-awareness is a constant inquiry into ourselves and others’ experiences.  Consider how you react when you or your ideas are criticized, when a colleague..

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What do popcorn and ethical leaders have in common?

popcorn in ceramic bowl

Each of us sees the world through a value structure whether we formally acknowledge it or not.  This is true – if you recall when you were in school you learned about stories and discussed the meaning and value of the message – narrative analysis based on good and bad.  There was a good character,..

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Beyond Epsom Salts: Evoking awe and wonder to get through

When I’m going through a challenging time I can evoke the experience I’m going to describe and find deep peace and transcendence.  Back in 2014, I went to the Northwest Territories with my then-teenaged daughter to visit a friend. One night, we had already gone to our room for the night and our friend banged..

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Getting everyone on your team to work to their skillset

I’m new to my position in people development in the Healthcare arena, and since it is not currently possible to explore the context due to COVID restrictions, I’ve been researching in an effort to better understand. For past research endeavors, I’ve often gone to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a reliable..

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The Grace to Grow Deeper: A Case Study of Environmentalism in a Canadian Christian School

As the season changes and the bright fall colours envelope us, I would like to focus on creation care and what schools can do. Here’s an article that my colleague Dr. Allyson Jule and I collaborated on. Abstract Successful environmental pedagogy in faith-based schools has not been well explored even while most Christian schools in..

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National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

Today, Sept. 30th marks the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. As recommended in a very informative communication I received this morning from Amnesty International Canada (below), I have registered for a virtual tour of the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School, courtesy of the Woodland Cultural Centre. It is a powerful walk-through..

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Power has no Gender

Power has no gender. Yet, we are so conditioned to associate leadership with masculine traits. Check your unconscious bias. Avoid diminishing yourself and your capabilities – it serves no one and there’s nothing holy in it! Avoid comparing your weakness to other people’s strengths. Do not be afraid! Never discount the cost of inaction. Own..

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Reflecting on my Leadership Journey

brown and white abstract painting

As I transition from a position I’ve held for almost a decade, it’s time to reflect on my leadership journey. This will inform my discernment of opportunities and help me continue to contribute to the common good through my education and leadership. I first detected my capacity to lead in high school when I was..

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