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All Our Relations

“In Canada, half of all First Nations children live in poverty, the life expectancy of First Nations people is five to seven years less than that of other Canadians, and the practice of placing Indigenous children in foster care remains a significant issue.  Secondary school graduation rates for First Nations youth living on reserve are..

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Learning to trust ourselves in difficult situations – Adult Education

We see the world through our own lens which is why knowing ourselves is so very important. What parts of your past trigger reactions in you? Where do you find you are at your best? What is important to you? What bothers you? If you can articulate these things clearly then you will have more..

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Adult education methods to teach from depth

  What does it mean to teach from depth?  It connects to the principle of adult learning that adults are internally motivated and build on prior life experience when they learn.  Motivation is tapped into and amplified through reflective techniques and critical discussions that help the adult make sense of the new learning and situate..

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